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Sonic Adventure 2 is a realy good game,It has really cool stages And AWESOME Action replay codes like,Big and little size,999 Rings,and more.
It has high speed multiplayer battles,Kart Races,and a AWESOME sound test.
You can play as Sonic,Tails,Knuckles,Dr. Robotnick,and the new Shadow and Rouge. In two player you can also play as Amy,Metal Sonic,Chaos,Tikal,Chao,And Dark Chao. You can raise Chao (Ailen like baby things) and make them race and fight. Its Really COOL! 
I would give  this game an AWESOME 10/10.





Cheat Code:Go to Options and go to select a Theme there you should see all the Character's Heads. Don't select any. Now move the control pad in a clockwise pattern keep doing this untill you see a woman's head. Now you have unlocked a new Theme!