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Sonic Picture for The Sims game.(Picture is not this big in the game).Picture will be in the decorative section in buy mode. Picture is $100 in the game.

click here to download file


Another picture for the sims. Your sims will only have to pay $100 for it. For information on how you can put these in the game,Read the instructions below.

click here to download file

You must have Win zip or sims file maid to unzip and put it in the game. If you have win zip un zip and go to windows explorer and put it in the userobjects folder. You can get there by going to program files then click on maxis then the sims then game data you will see user objects in that folder. Another way is to downlaod sims file maid and you will just have to drag the icon to the made and she will un zip it and put it in the game! Note:drag the file thats in the zip folder to the maid. 
Get win zip at I don't know the site for sim file maid but at there's A link to the site at the buttom of the page.