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First Sonic gets transported to an other Planet and he must get back to Mobius (Sonic's Home Planet). Well today A girl accidentally drops a volley ball into the Ocean and A Robot Pops out of the Ocean,and starts attacking A City. Tails and Chris cannot find Sonic and then they find out that Sonic is exploring the Planet. The Cops try to stop the robot but it has real thick Armor,and thats when they find out that Dr.Robotnik is behind this. Knuckles and Amy has been tranpored to the same Planet as Sonic. Chris And Tails fly in the Tornado to fight Dr.Robotnik. Knuckles and Amy help Tails and Chris fight Dr.Robotnik. First Amy gets traped by the robot.Knuckles tries to save her but Dr.Robotnik threatens to kill her.They spot Sonic.Tails gives him a Ring to power up.Sonic easily Destroys the Robot.The Cops think that Knuckles and Sonic are on sides with Dr.Robotnik and starts shooting,but they escape.Tails and chris tells Amy that Cream and Cheese are at Chris's House.Amy says great were all here.Then Knuckles says you can count me out.Amy says come back Knuckles.That's Knuckles he has his own way said Sonic.

Today Knuckles is trying to find the red Chaos Emerald and finds A guy who is about to die because the wall are caving in. The guy is looking for the Emerald too. Knuckles saves him and then the guy thinks him and also tells Knuckles that he is also looking for it. The guy says his name is Hulk. Hulk finds the Emerald and tells Knuckles to find him in a Bar. Knuckles goes to the bar and asks a man if he seen a guy named Hulk. The guy says he has not seen him. Knuckles thinks he's lying and says show me were Hulk is! A another guy says did you hear him? He said he does not know were he is,Now leave before meand my friends make you! The boss of the guys comes in and says I know were Hulk is. Then he said follow me. The boss takes him to another Building and opens A door.Knuckles says after you and then the boss walks into the door and shuts it. Knuckles falls into a trap and finds Hulk. Hulk almost tells Knuckles were he hid the Emerald but then knuckles sees a little microphone thats recording what they say. Knuckles yells in it and it hurt the Boss's ear. They escape and Hulk yells for A taxi. They get to a factory and shows the spot were he hid it. Knuckles gets the Emerald but then Eggman (Dr. Robotnik) shows up and wants the Emerald. He send A nija like robot to get it and it just ended up destroying the whole building. Knuckles loses the Emerald. Hulk invites Knuckles to his house. Knuckles is so mad that he lost the Emerald and knocks the wall down and it falls on him. Later he finds the Emerald and runs into Dr.Robotnik and Dr.Robotnik says give me that Emerald. Knuckles throws it and it missed Dr. Robotnik. Rouge the Bat  comes out of nowhere and tries to catch it but misses. Hulk catches it and runs. Hulk runs to A dead end. The Nija is inside the wall and steals the Emerald but then Knuckles fights the Nija. The Nija traps Knuckles in some kind of red laser beam spider web that send electricity through your body. Hulk says stop it your hurting him!  Hulk pours water on the robot and it messes up then Knuckles knocks the robot out of this world!! Hulk gives Knuckles the Emerald and shakes Knuckles hand. Knuckles Sails to Angel Island. Hulk yells bye to Knuckles and says come back and visit. I will. Says Knuckles. Then the Emerald makes Knuckles have a vision about A woman saying "When all the Chaos Emeralds are collected the mystery will be reveled." Knuckles Asks to himself what was that about? Note: Knuckles wanted the Emerald to go back home.

Today,Chris and Friends go camping. All of A sudden Cheese gets dragged away by the river.They looked for Cheese. Then they find A secret Chao garden that Cheese is in.(All I Seen of it).

Watch Sonic X on the Fox Box at 10:00 and 11:30 A.M.

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